Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tile Art DIY

At a wedding I was working a few weeks ago, the bride had found someone to make these awesome table numbers from her engagement photos and they were on tiles. Ok, maybe hard to visualize - but they were SO cool! Naturally, I had to find out how to do this =) The vendor told me she learned from a youtube tutorial!! How awesome is that?! I couldn't find the same video, but I found a similar one HERE. So I made some as gifts for some new mommy friends of mine to put in their nurseries.
Photo that you can size in photoshop
mod podge
tissue paper
thick cardstock

First size your photo to match your tile size in photoshop. Then wrap a piece of cardstock paper in tissue paper and tape it secure in the back. Then, print your photo out. Next trim your photo to match your tile size. This is the the tricky part. Place your tissue paper photo in the placing you want. Hold down a corner and mod podge the tile, lay flat the tissue paper (not being held down) and then mod podge the top of the tissue paper flat. Then follow the same method for the other side.


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