Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'm Smitten!

Welcome to the new Smitten Column, where I will be sharing all things/products/prettyness that I am smitten with. This will be taking the place of my previous "hearted" column. The only difference will be the look and feel =) You'll know it right away with this adorable blog style designed specifically for this by Vol. 25! And today... I'm smitten with Topless & Barefoot, my new favorite nail polish color by Essie.
My dear friend, Becca of Becca Rillo Photography introduced me to this new color a few weeks ago and I'm completely smitten! It's perfect for that bride consult where you want to look chic, yet professional. Or if you are a bride, it's the perfect nude to match any dress and any bouquet!


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