Monday, June 18, 2012

To-Do List with Flair DIY

What do you get when Target has adorable $1 mini clipboards and rolls of washi tape and a need for some organization in your life? This cutie! That's what. So, I thought I'd pass this idea along for fabulous friends in case you're looking for a way to create a fun & pretty to-do list.
Here is what you'll need: Paper cutter, mini clipboard, thin sharpies, & washi tape. You can just use white computer paper and write in your own titles, or you can print it out on your computer. Either way, totally customize your list to fit your needs i.e.  To-Do, Grocery List, Packing list, Chores, or like me... I organized my rentals inquiries, events, and follow up.
 So, once you've figured out which sort of list your want,  trim it down to fit your mini clipboard. I made mine about 5x7 so I can still see a pop of color on my board. Then, cut your strips of washi tape in rows and/or lines (this is where you are going to write your info)
 Now, the list making begins! Use your thin sharpie to start your organizing. The awesome part about this tape, is say you finish something.. you can just peel it off, or in my case, once an inquiry turns into a client, I'll simply move it to the upcoming events section.
 And there you have it! How do you organize your life/biz? I'd love to see your ideas & photos in the comments below!


Lizzie said...

loved this, and love seeing my name on there as well! :)

Emilee Sutherland said...

Haha, well yes... you are a big event coming up!

Molly R said...

LOVE this idea! Super creative my friend!

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