Monday, May 7, 2012

1 Piece : 2 Looks

I get asked this question a lot: "I love your vintage pieces... but I'm not sure how to make them fit with my wedding look" Some brides will see my pieces from a shoot or other wedding I've done, and while they think it may look cool or interesting, the blue and black color palette does NOT fit with their backyard rose garden affair. I think this is because if they see it done one way, it's hard to see it fit somewhere else; visually. While others, take a look at my inventory pages and see furniture against a white backdrop by itself, and struggle seeing how to use it period. So, today I thought I'd show you one of my favorite pieces I rent out, and how it looks just by itself, and how me and my fabulous team have turned a simple wooden table into 2 completely different looks that I think will knock your socks off!
photo by: Lukas VanDyke Photography
So you want to throw a bridal shower - but one that screams of vintage and feminine touches - why not add some vintage furniture to spice up your delicious dessert table? With the soft pink and purple flowers, vintage lace runner, and pretty milk glass and vintage cake stands -  you would think you just walked into The Secret Garden!

photo by: Meghan Christine Photography
 Pink is not really your thing? You want to create a bold and bright head table for you & your hubby along with your maid of honor & best man, that looks sophisticated, bright, with a vintage flare. Add pops of blues and whites in your florals, some modern china, and we handmade this runner to match perfectly with a touch of black lace! And your look is completely different!

photo by: Brienne Michelle Photography
What do you think? Looks totally different, right? If you are interested in seeing how our vintage rentals can work for your big day, feel free to contact me and/or head on over to our Facebook page to see our latest pieces!


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