Friday, May 4, 2012


Hi friends! Remember this fun DIY I posted a few days ago using bleach to create designs in fabric?? Well, I loved how they turned out and had a blast making them that when my friend and I wanted to make shirts for a Dodgers game we were going to, I thought it would be so fun to apply the same steps to create fun tanks. Unfortunately, the cotton was so absorbent it was hard to create thin lines for say, writing a word. Well, my brilliant friend Jackie suggested we just get a bleach pen to write instead - boy did I feel silly there with my giant bleach bucket and paint brushes! So we tried it and it turned out perfectly!! So I just had to share with you all, if you are interested in attempting this DIY, you might want to try out the bleach pen instead =) Here are a few snaps of what I've done with bleach since my new discovery.


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