Monday, March 5, 2012

Rustic Table DIY


This was a super fun DIY for me, not only because it was waaay easy, but I'm loving changing up my table these days for when guests come over, and it honestly can be used in my home, for a bridal shower - and can even translate to an awesome wedding project. It is quick, easy, and the results are beautiful!

I came up with this, while thinking about a fun earthy way to spice up your plates without having to have a charger, along with adding pop to a place setting for a wedding I'm working on for a client. 

- Burlap
- hot glue/gun
- ribbon, buttons, flowers, lace - whatever you want!
- silverware

All you need to do is cut your burlap into the length and width you desire to fit with your silver as well as your plates. I didn't measure I just sort of laid it out, but if you're doing it for an event, you may want them all to match. Then, I just used lots of different scraps I had to add some embellishments like the ones you see pictured above. If you are having an event, and you want some killer vintage silver to go with your new adorable pouches - check out the products over at The Vintage Table Co. - they will make your heart go pitter patter =)


Haley Bolena said...

this is too cute emilee! i love it :)

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