Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Resource: Events Clique

Today I am so excited to show you all a new website out there to help ease the mind of brides in planning their big day. This tool can also help aid wedding planners and stylists alike! It is called Events Clique, and it is an amazing virtual venue builder! I could seriously play on this thing forever. Want to know the best part? It's FREE! Here's how it works:

1. SELECT the type of event/project you are planning
2. DESIGN your floorplan in 2D & view it in realistic 3D
3. SEE preferred venues/locations & venue
4. MANAGE your event/project with checklists & budgeters
5. CONTACT venues/locations & vendors directly
So you can have a visual representation of where you want your tables to go, where the dance floor will work best, and if you are using them - where should the buffet tables go?? You can map it all out here on this site! Planning a destination wedding and can't go to the venue 2x a week to figure out the details? Do it all here first! How awesome is that?
 I know all you brides holding your shindig in your backyard or a private property are thinking... "well, my venue isn't going to be there to choose from" that's ok! if you are using a space not listed, you can enter in the dimensions of your room/space to perfectly match up your venue!
So head on over to the Site and sign up for free and check it out! The possibilities are endless with this awesome tool.


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