Monday, February 6, 2012

Post Super Bowl Food Coma

Anyone have a fabulous Super Bowl Sunday? I sure did, and I don't even like football! I honestly don't even know anything about the teams or the sport for that matter, but I had a blast yelling at the players to block and "don't drop the ball!" Half the time I was just reading off a napkin that had football terms on it for decoration =) However, I did have fun making a sweet little treat for the day: Little strawberry footballs! Thanks to my creative friend Christina Dely, I got the idea to make these practically the day before. They were so super easy I just had to share! Just think of the possibilities you can make these for - birthdays for little boys, Monday night football, you can even just add little hearts instead for Valentines Day!
Now, I'm off to recover from my food coma! What did you do for Super Bowl this year?


Monique.N said...

I thought football was sooo boring until I learned the basics about the game. If football viewing is something you are going to be doing as a couple, you've gotta ask Andy to teach is so much fun!

Oh, and your football strawberries are ADORABLE!!

Bon Bon said...

I am so with you: I ate and ate and ate. watched the game/commercials/madonna...and ate some more:-) xoxo

Jillian Nicole said...

Those are darling! We didn't do much since the Superbowl isn't nearly as big in the UK, but did watch a few of the commercials!

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