Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Time To Hit The Books!

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday! I stayed away from the computer this year to spend quality time with family in the snow... and of course Mr. H, since this was our FIRST Christmas together! We had such a fun time and managed to do Christmas with each of our families. Phew! But now the trees are coming down, the garland has dried out, and the hot chocolate is almost gone... it's time to start planning for 2012! I have quite a few books I'm reading to prep my business planning, and some fun ones splashed in there too! I love to read. Cozy up with a good cup of coffee and I could read literally all day. One thing I hate is folding over the corner of the page to remember my place. Seriously bugs me. Plus, I thoroughly enjoy making bookmarks - like, all the time! For my super fab friend, Kathrina from Joe+Kathrina Photography, I recently made her this fun personalized bookmark and thought I would share it with you! It's a great post-holiday, inexpensive gift for yourself!

First just cut your felt in your desired length and width. I made mine on the smaller side, so it would fit in my little notecard that I send her =) Then, just go to town adding whatever you'd like! I sewed on some buttons on the top, cut out a heart and sewed a "K" onto that. If you're not the sewing type you can always hot glue little cut out pieces of felt, ribbon, buttons, you name it! 


Joe+Kathrina said...

I heart you! And books. And coffee. And my bookmark!!! xo

Mandy Estes said...

This is darling & such a great gift idea for friends who love to read. :)

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