Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Holiday Inspiration

This is our first Christmas as a married couple. We are officially getting to decorate on our own in our own place! This is super exciting for me and I cannot wait to have family and friends over to show off our apartment. Now, here's the catch... how to you decorate a teeny tiny apartment for the holidays?? Now, I'm no designer at all! But these are just my thoughts. We have a small apartment that is painted teal and mint green. Throwing some forest green and bright red around is going to feel like A LOT is going on... so why not go with what we've got already, right?! So in preparation for this holiday season, I've been browsing my fav (Pinterest) for some inspiration in the teal and green family.. and I am loving what I am finding!! Can't wait to show you what i come up with, using the inspiration below. How are you decorating this season??
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jessica {creative index} said...

i love putting ornaments in vases!
and those napkins are super cute!

have fun decorating! :)

Amanda said...

We decorated our home last year as a married couple for the first time and we loved doing it! We did some icicle lights and bunting and wreaths which were so pretty hanging on our wall. This year I hope to use a lot of fabric that just bought!

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