Friday, November 11, 2011

Holiday Craft Corner: Scrabble It!

It’s craft corner time again from one of our amazing interns - April! It is November and the holidays are right around the corner. For today’s craft we will be making personalized ornaments for your tree or a friend. This craft is pretty simple and quick to do. 

For this project you will need Scrabble game pieces, some ribbon, a glue gun, and some fabric.

{S T E P 1 }  find the letters you will need. Then take your fabric and cut a piece the same size as the game pieces. (you can also use ribbon for this part)

{ S T E P 2 } lay our your letters in order. Then glue the pieces one at a time. After I finished this I realized that between the letters there is gaps in between so I filled it will glue.

{ S T E P 3 } cut a piece of ribbon and make a loop like in the photo and glue to the back of the game piece.

Lastly, just add a bow! :]

I hope everyone enjoyed this craft project! - April


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