Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tasteful Press Kits

Most of the time, I talk about how I loved to social aspect of college and hate how expensive my "social education" was.... I'm not bitter, I swear. Other times, like more recently, I'm incredibly grateful for the degree I have in Public Relations as it relates to owning my own business. I recently decided to completely change the way I market my business... and to whom I market to for that matter. When I say marketing, I'm not talking "logos" or artwork... I'm talking real marketing plans. With that said, I narrowed down my target market and my goals and objectives for the plan. I knew immediately I wanted to send a Press Kit to my "targets" (that's what we'll call them for now =) I started to kinda panic... ah I haven't done these in so long! But after bouncing some initial ideas off of friends, I am so unbelievably proud of the new Tasteful Tatters Press Kits. I want to give them as Christmas presents! haha Anyways, I thought I would share just a little pick at what they look like, and who knows...  maybe you'll be getting one in the mail this week!
There you have it! Pretty, yes? have a wonderful rainy Wednesday friends!


Desiree Russo said...

So cute... Looks just like a present to unwrap! Can't wait to see the contents

Joe+Kathrina said...

Good for you and your targets :) Can't wait to see what's in store for Tasteful Tatters...which I know is all good stuff! Wish I could see more photos of the kits, looks awesome!

Brienne Michelle said...

I definitely want to talk to you about this - and maybe some other marketing ideas too. :)

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