Monday, October 3, 2011

Peanut Butter Surprise

So I saw a recipe for these amazing looking cookies on Pinterest awhile back... and of course I pinned it with high intentions of baking these delicious morsels one day... and of course... I didn't. But the other night, Mr. H was craving something sweet and he was telling me about how his old roommates girlfriend who bake them these peanut butter cookies with a small snickers inside. Keep in mind, it's about 8:30pm... close to our bedtime (haha, but seriously) So we decided to try them  ourselves... or should I say Mr. H would try them, and I would watch =) They were so so easy and turned out amazing!! So the next time you have some friends over, or are bringing a dessert for a holiday party,  you should definitely try these out! Tip: they are even better the next day!
I made him wear this! hehe...

if you're a real pro, you'd probably make these from scratch =)
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Joanna Waterfall said...

Ah so cute and fun. Lovin the apron :)

Cherylyn said...

Never imagined I'd see this as I watched him playing soccer in the street when he was a little kid...I like it!

jessica {creative index} said...

oh my gosh! love that photo! haha!

i'll have to try these.. the hubs loves PB cookies!!

Liesl said...

I have that very bag of peanut butter cookie mix by Betty Crocker...must try this lovely twist on it! Yum!

Liesl :)

kellyhicks said...

ooo yumm. I have to try these! they look delicious!

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