Wednesday, September 28, 2011

HWTM: Strawberry Dessert

I know it's officially fall... but if you're like me and live in the Los Angeles area (particularly my area) it's still an depressing 92 degrees outside. So instead of fight the heat, maybe embrace these last few weeks of warmth by having a bbq outside with some friends by the pool?? I always struggle with good dessert ideas for the heat - everything yummy always seems to melt or go bad. So the next time you have a little outdoor soiree try out these adorable little cream cheese filled strawberries on your guests! (From the official Hostess with the Mostess website - which is amazing, you must check it out for your next party.) They are sooo super simple and you probably have everything you need at home.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
And there you have it! So super easy and a sure way to "cool off" this early fall season =)


jessica {creative index} said...

this is a fabulous idea! i'm totally pinning this!

Ana said...

What a cute and simple idea! Love it!

Emilee Sutherland said...
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Emilee Sutherland said...

Haha thank you Jessica!

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