Wednesday, October 26, 2011

HWTM: Meal Planning

So I had the amazing opportunity to meet some crazy talented women at our last Creative Connection LA event this past weekend. Meeting & interacting with these women just rejuvenates me. One gal in particular stood out to me this month because her creative outlet is in an area that I majorly struggle with. She is a chef extraordinaire and she shares her skills with others via her blog as well as her meal planning service.
Meet Rachel Oberg

This girl has some serious talent at creating weekly - monthly meal plans for families/individuals specifically for those with eating restrictions - check out his excerpt from her blog:

"As I’ve planned for people over time, I’m realizing more and more that while I do love to plan for the “regular” eaters out there, the people I love to plan for the most are those who are struggling with it. I realized this when Summer entered a contest I held in July for a free menu. To enter, all she had to do was tell me why she deserved a menu. She wrote that she was overwhelmed by new food restrictions in her diet (no dairy, no soy, no corn syrup, and no sugar) and was struggling to come up with things to feed her family (who didn’t share the restrictions), that she could eat too. Insert shout of excitement from me! Someone actually needed my help! She won then and there. And, thus began the journey of realization that I’m on about this little business of mine. The overwhelmed, the stressed, the burdened, the hungry because you can’t think of anything to make… bring your menu woes over here!"

Now, I recently was able to receive a week of menu planning and I swear it has changed my life. This girl is so incredible organized. I received all my meals, recipes, extra tips and notes from her experience with the dish, as well with options to substitutes. She has EVERYTHING covered. So if you are like me (can't cook to save my life) or if you have some crazy (or not so crazy) allergies, this is your girl! She takes into account all your preferences as well as your budget and does all the work for you. And the best part, she's affordable! For one week, a full meal plan is only $15!! And for a month I believe it is $45. SUCH a deal! So head on over to her amazing blog HERE and if you purchase a menu - tell her Emilee sent you =)


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