Monday, October 24, 2011

Holiday Craft Corner: Bookmarks!

I am so proud/excited to introduce you to a new holiday column here on the Tasteful Blog: The Holiday Craft Corner. This column will be filled with awesome crafts to make as gifts for this holiday season. Our first project is brought to us by one of my lovely interns April! I think her project would make the perfect stocking stuffer to the bookworm or even that friend that love to have a paper journal - you know who they are! Take it away April:

It's only October but the holidays will be here any day (only 2 months!). I’ve been seeing these cute bookmarkers on pinterest. I’m here to show you how to do this affordable, simple craft. No sewing skills needed for this project!
{ M A T E R I A L S } scraps of fabric, fusible interfacing needle, scissors & thread. 
{ S T E P 1 } Fold fabric, and cut a square on the fold. Do the same with the interfacing fabric. Then iron the interface to the fabric (this makes the fabric a little bit thicker)  

{ S T E P 2 } Fold fabric in half, sew one side of the fabric. Then trim the edge you sewed and turn the fabric right side out. If a sewing machine isn’t in arms reach, this edge can be hand stitched. 

Now, you can leave the bookmark as a square and decorate it to your desire or you can cut the edge facing inward to any design. 

Here is my end product - I turned my square into a heart. Now my book has a little love saving my spot where I left off.


Maša said...

lovely idea, thank you for sharing! :)

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