Friday, August 12, 2011

Tasteful Packaging

I didn't post yesterday! I am so sorry - I had it all planned and most of it all written... and then I just never posted it. What can I say, it's been a long week. Obviously. So here is my post for Thursday that you get today (Friday) I'm human - I miss things. That's all. But I am really excited to share a little inspiration for you all =)
I have been working my little fingers away creating custom veils and garters like a crazy person lately - and loving every minute of it. However, I decided to take a little break from some of my recent orders to do some inspiration on my new Tasteful Packaging. Now that the shop is re-opened I want to have a fresh look on my business. You may have noticed by site, twitter, and blog redesign - which I LOVE! So why not revamp my packaging as well, right? That is almost my favorite part... besides my actual Tatters of course =) So I went to my trusty source - Pinterest to look for some awesome packaging inspiration and I thought I'd share my finds. How would you like to see your Tatters packaged?? I'd love your feedback!


Ashley Singh said...

They all look amazing, but LOVE source5!!!

jessica said...

i love pretty packaging!! these are all great inspiration!

Brienne Michelle said...

Four and five are my favorites. :)

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