Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The "A" List - Photography

I'm totally copying my dear friend Shannon's new series called, The A-List today. She posted HERE and I just loved it, so here I am... totally copying her =) Next week I'm going to share who is on my A-List for Musicians!!

So for my A-List today I'm showcasing one of my favorite photographers - Trevor Hoehne. He is simply amazing and I'm never bored with his photos. The colors - ahh the colors. I just love everything about it. He has this "blurry" series that I'm crazy obsessed with. Anyways, check it out. Love it. I promise you will.


Maggie said...

LOVE! Trever Hoehne is one of my very favorite photographers! I can't get enough of his work!

jessica said...

thanks for sharing! i'm off to check out his work....

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