Tuesday, August 9, 2011

HWTM: Baking Party!

Jess and me
 Turns out I'm on a baking kick these days... who knew! I have always been a self proclaimed non-cooker/baker what-have-you and proud of it. I was perfectly content with coffee for breakfast, snacks for some lunch (make a cupcake or 2!) and some cereal and ice cream for dinner - maybe change it up with a top raman. For reals. But since getting married, I've really tried to make an effort with the whole cooking thing and I kinda like it - kinda. But what I love is baking! I mean, it makes a huge mess, and I don't always do it right - but the outcome is deeelish!
In light of my new love paired w/ my love of party planning, I had a group of girlfriends come over for a little baking party! I asked one of my Martha Stewart like friends, Jessica to come and "teach" us how to make oreo truffles and mocha cupcakes. We had so much fun gabbing, drinking wine, making a mess... and well, watching Jess do all the work! She was a good sport =) And a HUGE thanks to Becca Rillo for taking some photos of the evening =)

{ R E C I P E S }
Oreo Truffles
Mocha Cupcakes - we used the recipe from the Martha Stewart Cupcakes book - but THIS one looks awesome too!
>> Just look at how adorable everything turned out =)


Stephanie said...

That looks adorable and fun! I think when the weather isn't so hot I may have to do that myself!

jessica said...

i have to try that mocha cupcake recipe!

looks like such fun! next time i want in!! :)

Maggie said...

Super cute! I want an invite to your next baking party!

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness, I love this! I'm like you -- had no experience with the cooking thing until I got married. Now I love it!

I really like this idea for a party, too.

kate sprenkle said...

how did you do those cute stripy bags, please tell me you can feed those thru your printer!

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