Monday, August 8, 2011

Sneak Peak - Nakate for Weddings

Happy Monday bloggerroos! I'm actually sooo tired and wish I was still in bed - I really think I need a vacation. I know I just had a honeymoon... but still! Anyways, I have SO many fun posts to share w/ you this week but first I just HAVE to share w/ you a very very sneak peak of the shoot I worked on this past weekend. We did a shoot to show how you can wear Nakate pieces for your wedding. So read on to learn more and Nakate and stay tuned for more on our Nakate wedding shoot! You are going to just LOVE it.  What is Nakate you say? Here is a little story about who they are and how they started -

We’re out to put a little piece of Africa in every woman’s life
In 2010, we met a 7-year-old named Cossy Nakate. Suffering from AIDS, orphaned and living in a small African village called Kakooge, Cossy impacted us in a way we couldn’t stop thinking about. We shared our lunch with her. We started paying for her food every month. But it wasn’t enough. We knew we had to change not only her life, but the lives of the women in her village – and the lives of their daughters after them.
So, we brought home a sack of necklaces, and we started the Nakate Project. That was our piece of Africa, our way of beginning to carry Nakate with us into our every day lives – so we wouldn’t forget her, or the way we had pledged to make a change.

Here at Nakate, we’re looking to put a little bit of Africa – a little bit of Cossy Nakate – into every woman’s life that we meet. That way, when they take a little piece of Africa with them, they can help pass it along, until we all are aware, and we all are working to prevent stories like her’s.

When you buy a piece of jewelry from Nakate, you’re not only taking a small piece of Africa with you, you’re changing the future for girls like Cossy.

So, we’re asking – where will you take Africa with you today?
We’d like to send a piece with you.

And today you can help make a difference by participating in their Tipping Bucket Campaign - just go HERE and donate today. The campaign lasts about 4 days and today is the big kickoff!


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This is beautiful and for such a wonderful cause. Makes me smile!

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Girlfriend! When do you SLEEP!? Good thing we don't live close to one another too; you'd be stealing all my biz hehe heart you xoxo

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Dying to see all the images!!! And yes, you need a 2nd honeymoon! :)

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