Wednesday, August 31, 2011

CC LA: Event Recap

"CC LA?" What do all these letters mean? You may ask. Let me tell you!! I am apart of an amazing networking group called Creative Connection USA. We are awesome. Basically we are a talented group of female creatives striving to make the world a better place by helping each other out. Anyone is welcome, and all are loved =) Hehe... cheesy, I know. But it's true. Some of my favorite people I have met through CC and I love it. As you may have learned from previous posts and our FB page - I am the new LA Hostess and I just had my first meetup a couple weeks ago! It was so much fun and I had a blast putting a face to ppl I tweet with as well as FINALLY meeting my twitter crush - Kathrina Sio from Joe + Kathrina Photography.

amazing florals by Primary Petals!!

my cake pops I made were such a hit!

Anyways, our featured artist - Christina Dely Photography captured some awesome images from the night for us to share. She did such a great job. So if you live in the LA area, check it out and stay tuned for our next meet up - coming in September - we'd love to have you!


Christina Dely Photography said...

Such a great night! You are one fabulous host!

Lizzie Metcalf said...

So thankful for this group. it was a blast, and thankful for you for working so hard to make it happen! I remember us talking last year about how we wanted to meet more creative ladies in our area, and who knew that a year later there'd be CCUSA?! So exciting. :)

Joe+Kathrina said...

I hope Mr. H saw this ;) XOXO -k

Rebecca @ Bee of Design said...

Looks like so much fun!I cannot wait for the next meet up!

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