Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Home Makeover DIY: Under $100

Do you live in a small apartment and browse Pinterest daily to find inspiration to decorate your small space... only to be disappointing that you don't have large bay windows or refurbished wood floors and vaulted ceilings? Yup, that was me. I'm a newlywed in a 700 square foot space with all white walls and laminate counter tops. There, I said it. Anyone feel me on that?! Regardless of where you live or your current situation, making a space feel like "home" can seem a little daunting. Now, I'm going to preface this post by saying, I am in no way an interior designer in any shape or form. I just like what I like - take it or leave it =) Here are some ideas and suggestions for you! Here is one wall that Mr. H and I totally transformed for under $100

1) Paint a wall! You can get a gallon of paint for under $30 and it will totally transform your room. If you live in a small space, you probably only need to paint one of the walls instead of all 4. Painting all 4 might make your room appear smaller.

2) Frame it up: I collected a bunch of frames some from the Dollar Store and some from places like Wal-mart - all for under $5 (for the most part) The ones from the Dollar Store I painted white to give a bright contrast on our teal wall.

3) For keeps: you don't always need to go to Home Goods, or fancy designer stores to find that cool unique wall piece - how about something that you cherish that you have already? We chose to showcase some items from our wedding day: 2 forks that were at our sweetheart table that say "I do" & "I do too" I also gave Mr. H a vintage pocket watch as a wedding day gift - we decided to showcase that in an empty frame on the far left.

4) Hooped: For a recent wedding I designed, we made a ton of these lace hoops from vintage lace and quilting hoops. You can grab these hoops at any craft store for under $5 (even less if you snag a coupon!) simply lay any fabric over the smaller hoop, then place the larger over, tighten, and trim!

Have any design tips for a budget?! I'd love to hear em! Leave a comment w/ the link to your latest DIY house project =)


Liesl said...

Love this and such great tips for such a FAB price...you know I love that! LOL!

Liesl :)

Joe+Kathrina said...

Aww! That's so cute...love how that looks! Tell those laminate countertops hello ;)

jessica {creative index} said...

i LOVE gallery walls!! some might even call it obsessed! ;) and yours came out fantastic! love the wall color too!

emily @ the happy home said...

love this list! we live in a squat little 1960s row house in LA... no good design to be found. we've done a lot of these projects, too!

Dannielle said...

This is amazing!!! I am definitely going to use your inspiration! To think I was going to get those Bed Bath & Beyond wedding frame set! This is sooo much better! You are soo creative Em!

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