Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pop of Color

So I am in full home makeover mode these days! Probably because I was so used to having all these wedding projects... I just have to be making something =) Anyways, we get to paint our apartment and I've been knee deep on Pinterest searching for the perfect color combos for our little space. You may remember my post HERE about our kitchen colors (which I am loving!) Anyways, we just purchased another couch and I can't wait to get the living and dining area together. I have quite a few shoots and weddings that I'm styling coming up so I feel like sometimes I'm just drained for ideas. But this pretty picture just stood out to me and I can't get it out of my head - totally do-able, right?! Click the link below the photo for a FULL TUTORIAL of the bed xoxo



Maggie said...


Susannah VanDyke said...

I LOVE this!!

Brienne Michelle said...

That is so beautiful and unexpected. LOVE it! :)

jessica said...

i love this bed!! off to check out the tutorial!

and i love cluster of color on the ceiling too! so fun!!

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