Thursday, July 7, 2011

GWS Feature:: Twilight Styled Shoot

 So in case you missed it - yesterday was a very exciting day for me =) The styled shoot I worked on (2 weeks before my own wedding!!) was FEATURED on Green Wedding Shoes yesterday!! WooHoo!! Such a huge accomplishment for Tasteful Treasures and I'm so excited to keep pushing for my dream. When approached by Brienne, I'll admit I was a little hesitant. Twilight what? I knew it had something to do w/ vampires and a hot guy who somehow always had his shirt off - but that's where my knowledge stopped. I hadn't read a word of the books or seen the movies. But the whole concept was way too awesome to turn down - plus I'm always down for a challenge that will push me outside my box =) Anyways, I thought I'd share a little commentary on what Brienne (photog) had to say about the idea behind the shoot::
Certain elements came directly from the book – the hanging flowers at the various locations, the art nouveau inspired details, our “Bella’s” ring, and even the name cards were tied to chess pieces to reference the cover of the Breaking Dawn book. But from there we took some liberties. The color scheme was also inspired by the book – the choice of sapphire blue came from the hair combs given to Bella by her parents that contained sapphire stones. We interpreted the shoot with a bit more of a southern California feel, opting for our own “forest” of oaks and incorporating the colors of the forest into the design. Emilee, my stylist, and I settled on slate greys, deep rich wood tones, forest inspired greens, ivories and creams, a few blacks, and of course, the POP of sapphire blue. The inspiration for the actual look of our models was taken from a Peggy Sirota shoot with Vanity Fair with the original Twilight cast. I loved the natural organic look and wanted to bring that softness to this shoot as well. Emilee worked her magic with the Tasteful Treasures vintage pieces and setup an absolutely magical location.

The florist, Lindsay of Petalicious, added her own elements as well. “The bouquet came from our take on Edward and Bella in the Twilight movie saga. The handle of the bouquet represents the dark edginess of Edward but mixed with the soft white flowers, it brings us right to Bella making it pure and loving. We added the heart locket to the bouquet and a key charm to the boutonniere to represent the unlocking of everlasting love between Bella and Edward.” Lindsay also created the most amazing willow ball cloud to ground the reception table. I mentioned wanting something “sculptural” and she quite literally created that piece from her own imagination.

We chose sunset and the time just after – quite literally twilight – to shoot to capture the moodiness and deep romantic elements of the “wedding”. Using glowing laced mason jars hanging from the trees and in our own version of the “clearing” we added our own twinkles and sparkles. The very last image of the shoot – our “clearing” – was the only image I had in my head from the very beginning of the planning of this shoot. I knew I wanted to re-create it, adding sparkles through the tea lights in the mason jars rather than Edward’s skin, and that the perfect time would be a very narrow window just after the sun had set and twilight had settled in. After placing my models, we set in to wait. It took a little while before I knew the moment was perfect, but as soon as I saw the image on the back of my camera, I knew we had it. The hills glowed their own blues and greens and greys, the shadows had stretched into their own blacks and the sparkles created an aura of light and romance that exactly captured my hope for the shoot.

Now for the eye candy =) Hope you like and find some inspiration!

 The Dream Team!
Photography: Brienne Michelle Photography
Styling + Rentals: Emilee Sutherland – Tasteful Treasures
Floral Design: Lindsay Schmidt of Petalicious
Paper Designs: Shannon LaBare Designs
Hair: Anna Quinn
Makeup: Kiara Roberts

* You can view TONS more images over on Brienne's Blog HERE


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

you guys were completely amazing! love this shoot!!!!

jessica said...

congrats on the feature! the styling is beautiful!

and BIG congrats on getting hitched!! so happy for you! xo

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