Monday, June 13, 2011

Tasteful :: Site Preview

So I was going to hold off on this post until a little later - but last night I was talking to my dear Shannon LaBare and when we get together - the big ideas are a flowin'! We have been little entrepreneurs since we were about 11  years old when we started a Kids Camp during the summer in my backyard. We literally made brochures, set up schedules, advertised, and charged parents a pretty penny to take their antsy kids off their hands - and they were more than willing! Haha - we did it for years actually and now that we have grown... we still have these crazy business ideas only they are more refined, professional, and hone in on our natural strengths and how we can compliment each other. We dream big, what can I say!

All of that to say - Shannon is part of the mastermind behind my Tasteful Tatters website. I use Showit and a template that was designed by Promise Tangeman's SiteHouse. You should DEFINITELY check it out - simply amazing! Anyways, since I'm computer illiterate =) Shannon takes my crazy ideas and makes them real. I came to her, wanting a revamp of the site to kick off summer and my new stuff - post wedding and she did an awesome job! It's not totally finished yet, but I'll give you a little preview of what's to come... I'll give you a hint - there is lots of watercolor!! Stay tuned for more previews and more product coming out the end of July!


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