Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Holga Revamp DIY

While the wedding countdown continues, I thought I would bring you lovelies more DIY projects that I wish I could be doing, but alas I'm doing about a zillion wedding related projects =) So today we have a super fun revamp project for all you Holga lovers!! You may remember my post a LONG time ago about my love of my little holga camera HERE & when I saw this awesome DIY from the amazingly talented and vintage boutique owner Elsie from A Beautiful Mess - I just HAD to share! Be sure to check out her awesome blog filled to the brim w/ fashion and crafty inspiration!

- Holga camera
- Indoor/Outdoor craft paint
- small paint brushes
Basically all you do is take your paints and go to town! Giving your lil' Holga a new do <3


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