Thursday, April 9, 2009

More Holga Lovin'

A few weekends ago I went to Venice Beach with my lovely roommate, Caitlin and my new friend Ashley. It all started when were were doing absolutely nothing at all being as lazy as ever. I desperately wanted to use my new black & white film that I purchased in NY, but we couldn't think of anywhere to have our mini lil' photo shoot. And somewhere between a nap and some chocolate, Venice it was! I had never been to Venice before and boy, was it quite an adventure! While I walked along the strip and watched the people begging for not money, but pot and the people trying to get you to buy this and that along the street, and all the music & colors, I kept thinking how other people at Biola would respond to this environment. I just loved it! So much going on... I was on sensory overload. I was actually a little sad that I am now 22 years old and this was my first visit to Venice >>>> ah well. We had quite an adventure to make up for it; meeting thrift store owners and getting the scoop on the town, finding premier parking even though we thought we were lost, getting trapped into listening to some guys demo tape, and perusing thrift stores that were actually not thrift stores at all haha... Anyways, here are some Holga pics I took on our little adventure


>>>> the end! Hope you like =)


shannon said...

mmmm i want oneeeee. bring this camera to the wedding and take some pics!

Margaret said...

Those are brilliant! I love them:) Lets shoot together sometime yea?

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