Friday, June 17, 2011

Freebie Friday : Organize Your Blog Download!

Earlier this week, my photog friend Brienne Michelle posted a cry for help to get more organized - me being a lover or organization wanted to jump right in and offer my services. After reading her post about not only  just organizing a desk... but further - organizing and planning out your blog, I was immediately intrigued. I love to organize, write lists, and plan - but do I do it for my blog? Not really. So Brienne had this cute photo of a "blog planner" if you will. However, it was in color, and I don't have a color printer. So I made my own! It's pretty cheesy and plain - but it gets the job done! Here are a few snaps of the planner I made from this cute little orange 3-ring binder I found at staples =)

I added little circle stickers to the spine =)

I also got mini dividers and page protectors to hold some inspirations I find from books/magazine. How fun, right?! One day I'll switch out my pages and get the cute ones... like when life slows down haha

Click HERE & HERE to get your own PDF made by the talented blogger/designer behind My Girl Thursday  to make your own blog planner!


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