Monday, March 14, 2011

Photography: Vol.25/Digital Eye Candy

It's Monday - and I'm trying not to have a "case of the Mondays" because my weekend was so fabulous =) But alas, here we are Monday morning with waking up to a very dark morning... and I guess I'm not supposed to buy gas today haha

Today I am bringing you something that I have hearted for quite some time now. I'm not quite sure how I stumbled upon the blog Vol. 25, but boy am I sure glad I did! The creator, Jessica, is seriously the cutest thing and she creates these AMAZING photoshop overlays that are quite literally eye-candy for your photos. They are soft and subtle yet charming and just put a smile on your face. I purchased a couple sets and have so much fun experimenting with them. They are super affordable too! Here's one of my photos that has a little eye candy - do you see it??

Click to enlarge
With that, the amazing Jessica has done it again with her new website :: Digital Eye Candy! I seriously feel like I'm in a candy store haha I mean, c'mon how cute is her home page!? She also has cards/invitation templates that are too cute! Perfect for baby announcements =) So this week - you should peruse her shop and I'm telling you - it will provide lots of creative inspiration!

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>> If you've used Jessica's overlays for photos already - leave a comment with a link - we'd love to see your work!


Caitlin said...

Very Cute. And not to mention, LOVE this picture and that day in Venice Beach!

VOL25 said...

Thanks so much Emilee! You are so sweet! :) You totally made my morning... so THANK you for that!

p.s.... I'm excited to see links too! Please post them. ;)

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