Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hearted: Sparkly Tops

First of all, can I just say... I am loving gmail chat! Haha Margaret Jacobsen knows what I'm talking about =)
Anyways, came across this lovely photography blog by Denise Bovee and I  1:: Fell in love with her photography and 2:: fell head over heals in love with this sparkly top. Like big time crush. I wake up thinking about this top. Ok, maybe that is a little much haha..

The worst part is, I've scoured online and I can't seem to find anything like it! If you know if a good place - PLEASE let me know!! haha. While I was searching I did discover Asos (through my fabulous friend Molly) so while there are no sparkly tops - you might find something amazing =)

:: Check out Denise's fabulous shots ::


Mrs Soup said...

These are SO amazing! Gorgeous! And oh yes, I adoreadoreadore Google chat too! It keeps me sane while at work!

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