Monday, June 7, 2010

Tasteful: TT Photo Shoot

Happy Monday! Last week I got the opportunity to spend the afternoon with 2 fabulous ladies to shoot some new pieces for my Etsy shop, Tasteful Tatters. I'm really excited for some of my new summer stuff. We have new roses, new necklace, some funky eye glasses necklaces, new headbands and belts - you name it! These gals were working the camera and we had sooo much fun. Jamie took us on this back road where we then proceeded to walk down this long path that took us to what looked like the middle of nowhere! We kept having to "chase the sun" because we were behind all these mountains... and then we got eaten alive by bugs. Needless to say, it was quite an adventure!

The best part was seeing my pieces on someone else besides me haha. I mean, when I make something of course I like it... but it is so encouraging to hear other people look at something and gasp "ooooo ahhhh" haha. Anways, if you get a chance check out the Shoppe and I hope you enjoy the pictures!


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful pictures andI really like your haircut:)

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