Friday, April 23, 2010

Freebie Friday: Love Notes

Yay it's Friday! And about time for another Freebie I'd say =) Today's Freebie is brought you us by my new favorite Jessica of Vol. 25. I seriously love all of her stuff. She has the cutest style and most amazing blog!! Definitely needs to be on your daily reads.

She designed these fabulous "love notes" that are just too fun.

Click HERE for the download!
Here is her inspiration behind the little notes:

" When Jaydon and I first got married and on and off during that first year I would write him simple little love notes. He so sweetly reminded me of this last week, and needless to say that was the push I needed to finally sit down and make time to finish this project. :)

... and of course I wanted to share them with all of you! You know help spread the love? Getting a little personal here, I tend to take mine and Jaydon's relationship for granted.... you know "if it isnt broke don't fix it type of thing?" Well, that phrase does NOT apply to relationships. I need to be reminded that a little water never hurt a blooming flower. In fact, a little water might show you how pretty that flower can really get. :)"


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