Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Road Trip: Farmers Market

This weekend was absolutely beautiful! I love love love spring. And since I had the busiest week of my life (not really, but it felt like) Andy and I decided to head out to the local farmers market to stock up on some organic fruit and veggies and anything else fun we found =) I just love farmers markets and what they stand for. I strongly believe in supporting local growers and after watching Food Inc. (which I highly recommend) I think it is so much more important today to do that. Anyways, after picking up some amazing produce we decided to go for a drive down this road by the house that we always pass and as we pass we always say, we should take a drive down there is looks cool... and we never do haha. We heard that it is this winding road that goes all through the country side and there are all these awesome ranches and farms and horses and trees and mansions and everything fabulous apparently!

As we were driving, the greeness of all the hills and trees was just breathtaking! So naturally, I whipped out my camera to document this beautiful scenery. While looking at my photos it looked so "typical landscape" but what I saw through my eyes was sooo beautiful and almost blurry because we were driving so fast so I thought, what if I just turn my automatic focus off and just capture the view as I was seeing it. Now, you may think this is strange and perhaps goes against everything you learned haha... but I think the images turned out fabulously!

I hope you enjoy! And if you're ever in the area, let me know and I'll take you for a drive =)

So here is what I call "blurry"


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