Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Blog Design!

Welcome to the NEW BLOG! I am beyond pumped to share it with you all!! A special thanks to Lindsay Pruitt of Busy Thoughts who did such an amazing job taking all my random ideas and inspirations and turning it into reality. She really did all the hard stuff and she is amazing to work with! Just to give you a lay of the land - there are a few changes and additions which I heart to no end.

Buttons (those little circles on the right - all take you to the different topics)

DIY - this one is pretty self explanatory. I have been doing "Do It Yourself" posts for awhile now and they basically are fun craft ideas that include instructions on how to make it at home. These projects are usually quick and easy, yet super fun and fabulous so keep your eye out for them and be sure to check out the ones you may have missed.

Hearted - This button will take you to all the posts about things that inspire me or something I just love. Being pretty immersed in the blogging world I come across so many fabulous things/links/photographs/inspirations/etc that I just have to share them with you. Sometimes this will be a link to something awesome happening or just a fun picture to share - basically anything amazing I feel worth sharing to you all!

Something Blue - I am now combining my "Something Blue" wedding design and inspiration blog here and all wedding related posts will be posted under the Something Blue "button" I did this because it was just too hard and confusing to have 2 blogs and some people didn't know that I was the same person for both blog and for better communication all around and some continuity it will all be here! I hope you like the new edition. I do a lot of wedding design and some coordination so shoot me an email if you are getting married and need some help!

Tasteful - I have an etsy shop called Tasteful Tatters as well as a website for the store and I'm always creating new pieces or getting feedback on a new idea and this is where I'll post anything related to Tasteful Tatters. I'll also be posting some awesome store giveaways here, so be sure to check those out!

Freebie Friday - The name says it all. Every Friday (as best as I can) there will be a post with something FREE. Did you hear that? FREE!

Road Trip - This section is anything related to my personal life. The way I see it, we're all on this long journey called life together and we are all experiecing different things at different times and sometimes those things connect. There are ups and downs and these posts will be a little glimps into the road trip of my life. I hope you enjoy!


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Jeff Lippencott said...

you stepped it up Emilee! We are all just sojourners and posers in your blog universe :-)

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