Monday, March 29, 2010

DIY: Ribbon Stamp

Happy Monday Bloggers! This DIY is so fun and easy and a great tool for Spring. Brought to us by the ever so wonderful Cathe Holden over at JSIM - LOVE HER!

With Easter just around the corner, flowers in bloom, and warmer evenings, what better time to send a little springy cheer to a loved one or a friend who lives far away just to let them know you care.

Items Needed:
* Seam roller (used for wallpapering, can be found at a local hardware store)
* foam sheet/grocery store produce rubberband (pictured)
* spray adhesive/strong glue of some sort
* Xacto knife
* ruler

So easy and inexpensive, right? Now hold your seat belts when you see how easy this is!


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