Wednesday, February 24, 2010


While in Seattle, my sister and I got to chatting about the world of blogging (as we usually do) She has a Tublr blog which, in her perspective, has a much different purpose than say, my blog. She does a lot of re-posting, and re-quoting things she sees from other Tumblr blogs. Just anything she finds inspiring, humorous, or political... or in many cases, all 3! She a political science major at SPU so she gets all the political jargon. Anyways, we were chatting about my blog and how it has evolved so much from when it was first a class assignent for a journalism class to what it is now. We decided that my blog needs some organization, so after much deliberation I came up with a few categories and I am proud to introduce the first one to you today! Say hello to "Hearted." In this section I will be showcasing things that I (heart) I say that a lot all the time, "Alyssa, I heart you!" So I felt it appropriate for things that I love and/or find inspiring. So here we go....

This picture just cause my eye because I normally am drawn to more neutral dark fall-ish tones. Something about this image is just so inspiring and fresh. To me, this is the epitome of spring. Makes me want to paint furniature white and paint a candle holder light teal =) The coolest part is you can get this wallpaper along with hundreds of fabulous designs at Wallpaper from the 70s!! What about you, what does this image inspire in you?

This little organic notebooks from Scout Books are just the cutest things ever! The best part is, you can make custom notebooks!! You can upload graphics, designs, logos, whatever you want! As I was exploring the website, I was thinking what a great marketing tool?? These are just a couple of the pre-made books that you can order for only $10

I hope you liked the inspirations, let me know what inspires you!


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