Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vote Vote!!

Attention all people everywhere! My bestest oldest friend in the world needs your vote!

About a month ago, I told Shannon that she should enter to win this Dream Love Shoot from Green Wedding Shoes thanks to photographer Caroline Tran. Her and her husband Scott have the cutest story ever - doesn't hurt and Andy and I helped set them up =) Anways, they have the best funky style and the biggest hearts and they need your vote - so check it out here and vote Shannon +Scott all day long =)

Their story:
We were married August 21, 2009 among our closest family and friends at my grandparents ranch. Our wedding was perfection, just the perfect weather, wonderful people, and a whole bunch of dancing to celebrate our love. We met back in 2007 through mutual friends and became an official couple a few months after meeting and married a little over a year after! There was nothing holding us back from committing our love and lives to each other. We felt (and feel) so blessed to call the other partner, lover, and best friend. Our relationship is fun, incredibly silly, and full of love. We make everything a game - from who can guess right answers, who can run faster up the stairs, seriously anything and everything is turned into a competition. It's pure fun, however, Scott swears he will always win regardless of how hard I try. Scott is an avid golfer and is extremely good at the game. I am soon to graduate college and aspire to work in design.

Our dream shoot would be a nod to Scott's passion for golf and my passion for all things vintage. It would be so wonderful to have a shoot featuring the sport that is so close to my husband's heart. He loves the history and old style golfers had back then. It would be so special to us to have photos taken of us in our first year of marriage, to capture this new and wonderful journey we are on.

Our dream shoot would take place at a rustic and historical golf course with visually stunning holes and great architectural buildings. It would have a vintage European feel with antique golf attire, knickers, and equipment. Old school country club style infused with dress of the Kentucky derby too. Scott would wear old knickers, argyle socks and shirt, along with a hat of the period. I would be featured in a vintage style dress, giving a nod to the time, along with that style of make up and a fantastic derby hat.

Her inspiration Board for her Dream Love Shoot


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