Sunday, February 28, 2010

DIY: Mixed Media Photos

So this is not your typical DIY post. I came across this project I recently did and was thinking, "self, this would be such an easy project to tell others about!" The only problem is, I already did the project and didn't photograph "the steps" that are oh so common in a DIY blog post. But this is just too fun to hold out on all of you so bare with me! Andy and I set up this little "studio" in our backyard with a white sheet and took this awesome photos haha. I saw awesome very sarcastically =) Then, I printed them on matte paper super cheap at Sams Club. Keep in mind, this is not for professional purposes - strickly fun. Then, I used regular acrylic paint and just doodled on them! Haha, easy as that.

Here are the images before I painted on them

A close up of my paint doodles

The finished product!! Let me know what you think =)


Alyssa said...

Em this is SO COOL! I remember seeing the beginning stages of this project. It came together awesomely. Let's do this again together over Spring Break.

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