Sunday, February 7, 2010

Spring Is In The Air

In the midst of all the rain and wintery weather, it is beginning to feel more and more like spring. All the rain is making the hills green and I have the sudden desire to wear flowers with everything haha. So I guess that means spring is almost here, right? Not only are my flower instincts ready for spring - Etsy seems to be ready as well. All the etsy shops are full in bloom with bright and fun colors and I absolutely love it! To start out the week, here are some of my favs with a hint of daffodil yellow and what would you call this? Robin's egg blue perhaps? Where is crayola when you need them - you know those people that name all the crayons the crazy specific names. Ok, I'm rambling =)

Make sure you check these awesome stores for more lovelies!

From Top to Bottom (Left to Right)
Carrie Necklace
Yellow Scarf
Fine Art Print
Yellow Bag


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