Friday, February 5, 2010

Freebie Friday!

Yikes is it Friday already?! How did that happen. Well, guess you get another freebie hahaha. This week's freebie is more like an invite to a FREE event (if you live in LA) sorry =/ The last few months I've been freelance writing for this ah-maz-ing online magazine called Yoo N' La. I posted about this a little while ago showcasing one of the interviews I did on the band Shattered Atom if you recall. You can check out the official article at the magazine now!

The purpose of the mag is to connect young people living in Los Angeles with eachother and showcase all the "different" groups and styles and just awesome stuff that is going on in LA. Cool, right? Well, after months of all of us slaving away over it (hehe, not really it was fun) the launch is FINALLY here! The online edition was officially up a couple of days ago - you can check it out HERE and our Yoo N' LA Launch party is TONIGHT in Santa Monica and the best part is, it is totally FREE (if you get there before 9) after 9 it is only $5 - what a deal!


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