Monday, January 4, 2010

Pretty Things & Paint

So for Christmas this year, I had no idea what to get most people. I feel like every year I come up with some crafty craft that I can personalize and give to all my girls and then random gift cards or something for the guys (sorry guys, there is just not many of you for me to shop for). This year, I just felt displaced from all the girlys that I loved and had no clue what to do. My sister, Alyssa was on the top of the list. She recently moved to Seattle and I felt like I needed to do something extra special. Of course she got a few fabulous items from Tasteful Tatters (but that was a given). So I decided to make something for her that was made especially for her down to every detail, for her new place in dreary Seattle haha. So I painted her this little mixed media piece to hang up! I wanted to do something bright and open and simple - because that is just so her. The pink on the hearts is made from tulle and the grayish print is actually strips of newspaper (The Los Angeles Times to be exact) because is the epitome of news and politics and is way smarter than me in that respect even though she is years younger. So she got a political yet peaceful painting - I'd say that is achieving a lot haha.

What do you think? Do you like it?


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