Friday, January 8, 2010

A Party from Across The Pond

I have been meaning to do this post for weeks now, and I feel so bad for those who have been anxiously waiting for this haha. For my man's birthday this year I wanted to do something above and beyond. This was a big year for him... and the first time that I lived close enough to actually do something big. So I did. His birthday is so close to Christmas, so I wanted to do something completely un-christmas... so naturally a British theme popped in my head haha. Don't ask me why... maybe it's my infatuation with Michael Caine? Either way, it turned out to be a total success. Not only was Andy completely surprised but the whole house was British-ified! Some of the girls totally pitched in and helped me with the transformation. We painted these huge british flags to put up along with a painting of "The Who" logo as well as a huge banner saying "God Save the Queen!" We even had a little makeshift photobooth - which was a HUGE success! After everything we had over 400 pictures - yikes! Here are some of my favs


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