Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year - New Website

For my graduation, my Aunt and Uncle gave me quite possibly the coolest gift ever... my own {dot}com! WooHoo! I know what you're thinking... I'm a total nerd. But I love it. So I got tastefultatters{dot}com and emileesutherland{dot}com. Right now I only have Tasteful up right now, but hopefully soon when I figure this whole website making thing I'll have both up and running. This is just the first phase, so please be gentle with your comments haha. Right now, you can read a bio, look at my gallery of product, leave comments, and there is a link directing you to my Etsy shop - hopefully I can add more soon. I've never done this before and I'd appreciate any kind of feedback. Here are some snaps of the new baby =) Hope you like!!


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