Saturday, January 9, 2010

500 Colored Pencils Project

I am so excited for this post!! I've been dying to tell you all about this project I am apart of, but I've been waiting since I had nothing to really show you haha. So anyways, I am apart of this online project started by Lea Redmond from Leafcutter Designs. You should definitely check out her site by the way. She makes the tiniest little letters that you can have made and sent to people. It is seriously the cutest thing ever and such a reasonable price! Anyways, Lea got together a bunch artists in the online community to take part in this little project. Basically the way it works is, she gets sent 500 colored pencils over the course of 20 months. It is super cool because each package comes with a tons of pencils of the same color but all different shades - does that make sense? And the names of the colors are soooo awesome and descriptive.

The so way the project works is, every month I will receive a pencil with my unique shade (this month is BLUE) along with a little journal and some inspiration suggestions to begin my piece. I will then send in whatever I create as well as a little anecdote written in my shade of color pencil about how I came up with the idea, what the picture means, where I got my inspiration from, if it is abstract - what the piece is all about, etc. And then Lea is going to post the art + story on her site and compile it all. What a cool opportunity right?!

So for myself, I will let you all know what the name of the color is and I'll try to describe it as best and I can here on the Blog and if you have any creative ideas for me - leave a comment I'd love to hear it. Aaand, just maybe your inspiration will find it's way into my monthly piece =) So you can be in on the fun too.

I will let you know what shade of blue I get as soon as I get it!

Here is a link to the welcome video Lea posted for us so you can get a better idea of what I'm doing.
I seriously CANNOT wait to begin!!


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