Monday, January 18, 2010

Casey & Jimmy

I know I did a "sneak peak" on these two forever ago and I just realized I never posted more photos from our afternoon together. Now, I don't do these often and I agreed to do this for these two because they came to me with the sweetest story. Casey and Jimmy have been together for a little over a year now (I believe) and having both grown up in the SCV they got very close with each other's families - naturally. Anyways, right before Christmas, and a day before his wife's wedding Jimmy's father passed away suddenly. It was a shock to all and since the Holidays would be hard enough Casey and Jimmy thought that for Christmas, these photos would make great gifts to their friends and family to have and remember. I was so so touched. They were such a wonderful couple filled with lots of love and such great spirits. We had to reschedule over and over again, with all the the changing of events due to the circumstances and the day we could finally do it, there was the worst wind ever in the history of our little town - ok maybe not ever, but it seemed like it.

So here are their beautiful faces!


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