Monday, January 18, 2010

Special Valentines Preview!

Many of you have asked what new stuff will be on Tasteful Tatters for the new year, and I'm so excited to share with you TWO things to watch for in 2010.

First is a special Valentines Line. I know "line" sounds precocious or something, but it's not that I think I'm some brilliant fashion designer or anything, I just don't really know what else to call it, haha. Below is a little preview for you to chew on of the limited time only Tasteful Tatters Valentines Line. The "collection" if you will consists of all things feminine: lace, silk, flowers, pearls, etc. Now, this is isn't simply subject to you ladies who have big romantic plans for the big 14th of February... no, no, this is for the girls who are going to be hanging out with "the girls" shopping, eating out, watching movies in lieu of boys. I do not want to discriminate. And to be perfectly honest, you could definitely wear these pieces before and well after the 14th.

The line will launch THIS Friday at 9am and there are only single original pieces, so I cannot make custom orders =/ Sorry people, but these are one-of-a-kind haha

And TWO: a Spring 2010 collection is coming soon!!! I am so excited for this. I have been working really hard on it and I am so excited for how fun and springy it is haha. Stay tuned to my twitter and here for some sneak peak photos and updates on what to expect =)


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