Thursday, December 10, 2009

Meet the Franchinos!

Eeek it has been 9 days since I've posted! Although, I did post a funny little video on my wedding blog: you should check it out! ~ Something Blue

Ok, I'm going to start off my saying I am not a photographer and I do not make my living as a photographer - I just have a decent camera, my mom was a photographer, and I like to play around. Aaand every once in awhile I get a few good shots haha. I was a Journalism Major in college and I had to take some photo classes so I know all the basics plus some ;-)

Anyways, a friend of mine who I work with wanted a family photo of her beautiful family, but she didn't want anyting too "posey" or boring - she said she wanted "artsy fartsy" haha so I guess that means me! So I got the incredible opportunity to photograph Michelle and her lovely family - they were so much fun and I loved all their creative input. Her little daughter Simone is only 6, but she looks like she could be 8 - she is so much fun and a ton of energy. Some people say photographing kids is hard (which it totally can be!) but I think they bring an added energy to a shoot that makes people smile bigger and brings out their inner-child. Here are a few shots from the beautiful fall day


Leia said...

Ahhhh! Em, I love them! Michelle and the fam look gorgeous!

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