Friday, December 11, 2009

Featured Post on Something Blue

That fabulous couple I shot their engagement photos?? Yes, you do remember them! (if not, that is ok – check them out here) Anyways, they are 2 very good friends of mine and I had the awesome opportunity to be a bridesmaid in their wedding. And their wedding just got featured on the infamous wedding Blog Green Wedding Shoes – yippeee!!! Shannon did such a good job at making her wedding her own and adding her and Scott’s personal flair to it all – so happy to be apart of it all. She also has some great advice for brides that she shares on the post, and you can read it here:
How we met: We met when my brother’s best friend, Andy, brought Scott down to see me from school. Andy insisted that we would be totally into each other and that he could see us together. We both took that with a grain of salt, seeing that others had said that to us before. We hung out a few times after that and saw what Andy meant! Just a couple of months after our initial meeting and a few days after being officially a couple, I moved up to Seattle. Talk about timing! We grew closer over the phone and Scott eventually moved up to Seattle for the summer where we spent every day together. The rest is history! We got engaged around Christmas time on vacation in Hawaii with my family. How incredible.
Planning: Working with Amanda and In The Now gave me a spring board to make my wedding exactly what i wanted it to be like. I was able to get loads of feedback and tons of positive ideas and resources to get inspired from. It also gave me the confidence to make decisions and be equally creative through the past work I’ve done with In The Now.
Favorite memory: I’d have to say my favorite memory of the day was actually the WHOLE day, obviously. But two moments always stick out: the ceremony and our grand entrance at the reception. The ceremony was absolute perfection – it was so personal, so powerful, and so beautiful. Our grand entrance was just as special. We were introduced as husband and wife, with one of our favorite Tom Petty songs blasting in the background and the cheers of all our loved ones. It was incredible to have our two sides together for the first time celebrating with us, and boy did they know how to celebrate. The wedding was incredible and special. I want to relive it every day!
Advice: My advice for planning a wedding is to enjoy it. Enjoy your fiance, enjoy looking at venues, enjoy planning the details, enjoy making your favors, enjoy everything. It will pass by SO quickly, so grasp as much as you can! Also, have fun with making it a reflection of you – express yourself and give your guests the best experience that represents you two as a couple.


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