Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fashion Finds at "We Move Vintage"

This blog post is for all the fashion lovers out there. In particular the vintage shoppers, deal hunters, and unique wearers of all things fashion! If that made sense at all haha. I have no idea where I found this, but it was probably late at night and I was a blog reading and went from link to link finding all sorts of fabulousness when I stumbled upon what I like to call, "the jackpot." For me, this happens about on a weekly basis: where I'm what I like to call "linking" just reading from blog to blog clicking on all the links just to see where it leads me. Sometimes it leads to a dead end, sometimes I find myself back at my blog (ironically enough) and sometimes I find the jackpot. "Jackpot" def: something completely new and unique, usually in the form of another blog or website of something totally inspiring and awesome. This weeks jackpot is an online vintage store called We Move Vintage. And it is fab-u-lous! It is like all the best things you would ever find at Savers all in one spot haha. I spent over an hour perusing all their awesome stuff. So, if you love vintage you must must must check out this site!! Plluuuss they are having a SALE right now! I know what you're thinking, and you're welcome =) Have a happy Tuesday blogger beauties!

Here are some of my fav items.... christmas wish list anyone??


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