Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Photo Christmas Gift Ideas

At work, us girls were all chatting about what to get our parents for Christmas. Parents can be hard because typically, they have everything they need. They are the ones with the money haha. What could you possibly get them that they cannot get themselves? Maybe that isn't you, but that was the situation my friends and I were in. One girl got to thinking, and thought she would get pictures taken of her and her boyfriend and frame them for both their parents. I thought this was such a good idea. Being that my mom is a photographer, I value "the picture" and I believe it is one of the coolest ways to show someone you love them. People saves pictures forever - what a great gift idea! Somehow along the way, I was recruited to take these pictures haha, and below are a few from the shoot we did. It got cut way short because we got caught in a rainstorm! The poor couple was drenched by the end of it all.

Then, I got to thinking about other cool ways to use a photo and incorporate it into a gift. I found some pretty cool websites in my search and came up with my top 5 Photo Gift Ideas:

1. Mac iphoto book: this is so easy to do and surprisingly inexpensive! If you have a mac, open your iphoto and at the bottom there are 3 little icons for book, calendar, & cards click on any to make an awesome photo book or calendar for a loved one. Here is a pic of a cover of a book I made for Andy awhile back. This little guy was only about $15!!

2. Photo Transfer Tote Bag: this one would be great for a Mom or a Grandma. I found it on Martha Stewart's website - check there for a more detailed instruction

3. Light Affection Photo: Ok, I just discovered this site where you submit a photo and they do this carving-like process that looks almost just like a siloette and when you shine a light behind it you get this super cool old school photo look. I can't describe it, just go HERE and see for yourself!

4. Photo Collage/Mixed Media: For this all you need are one of those Shadow Box frames and add photos, concert tickets, pressed flowers, and anything else that symbolises your friendship/relationship, I love the 3D effect they give on a shelf or wall.

5. Black & White: This one is simple but classic. Enlarge your photo, edit to black and white, and put in a black frame. Any parent would swoom over this =)


Leia said...

Love you Em!

Lindsay said...

We totally did this for our parents this year! We just framed a picture and wrapped it...perfect! I also love the photo gifts where you put the picture on like a mug or a blanket or cute! Btw I LOVE the new look of your blog! And that picture of you is gorgeous!

Emilee Sutherland said...

Thanks Lindsay! I have been having so much fun taking these couples pictures - I've had 3 shoots the past week, crazy! Goodness, lets talk about your beautiful blog - I might have to hire you to do mine =)

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